Each individual person has extremely unique eyes, therefore not everyone is a candidate for the LASIK procedure. Just like with a fingerprint or DNA sample, no two cornea maps are the same. This is why a pre-operative exam is absolutely necessary. Before LASIK is performed you will be required to undergo a series of diagnostic tests to determine the stability of your vision. After a thorough evaluation of your cornea, the doctors will be able to determine if you are a candidate. This thorough diagnostic evaluation is the first step in creating your best personal vision.

You might be interested in LASIK if:

  • You are over 18 years of age
  • You have no serious dry eye issues
  • You want to reduce dependence on glasses
  • You want to have an active lifestyle and play sports
  • You are not pregnant
  • You do not have cataracts forming


Your decision to have LASIK laser vision correction is a serious one. Ultimately, you will be the one to make the final choice. When selecting a LASIK surgeon it is important to choose one that can honestly explain your visual needs. In 98% of LASIK cases, the visual outcome is 20/40 or better, however, this is a surgical procedure and risk is still involved.The ultimate goal of LASIK is to reduce your dependence on glasses and contact lenses. LASIK does not always create perfect 20/20 vision, though most cases are successful in improving vision. Make sure that your doctor of choice has the right answers to your specific questions and concerns, the best technology and the experience under his belt to ensure a safe and effective procedure. It is possible that this is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. These are your eyes and your life.