intralase_laser_blue_backgroundThe Highest Level of Technology for LASIK in Ohio.

The doctors at Valley Eye Institute are pleased to announce Intralase Technology or Blade-FREE LASIK technology. This technology has provided a safer more precise approach to laser vision correction. If you live in Ohio and want the best LASIK technology please feel free to contact us for a FREE consultation.

Traditionally, a microkeratome is used to create the corneal flap. Ophthalmologists have found that when complications arise from LASIK they are typically from a poorly created corneal flap. Unlike mechanical instruments, IntraLase technology is uniquely able to program the dimensions of your flap based on what’s best for your eye(s). Then the IntraLase laser creates your flap from below the surface of the cornea-without ever cutting it.

This process is done in a series of steps:

  • Ultra-fast pulses of laser light position laser effects at a precise depth predetermined by your doctor.
  • The laser light passes harmlessly through your cornea. Then the laser creates rows of these bubbles just beneath your corneal surface as it moves back and forth across your eye in a uniform plane.
  • Next, the IntraLase laser stacks bubbles around your corneal diameter to create the edges of your flap. These bubbles are stacked at an angle that is determined by your doctor and is individualized to the way your eye is shaped.
  • The process takes only about 10 seconds from start to finish- it’s quiet and it’s comfortable.
  • Your doctor then gently lifts the flap to allow for the second step of your LASIK treatment. When treatment is complete, the flap is gently put back into position and the healing process begins.

When making your decision about LASIK there are numerous advantages of IntraLase that you should take into consideration. IntraLase creates a very smooth surface whereas using a microkeratome creates a slightly rough surface if precision isn’t achieved. With IntraLase a more precise shape and thickness corneal flap can be created depending on the thinness or curvature of your cornea. If you were previously denied the opportunity for LASIK because of the thinness of your cornea, you may be a candidate for IntraLase because of the precision of the computer-based laser. Corneal flaps that have been created by IntraLase tend to set back into place more smoothly after the procedure. Studies have shown that more people achieve 20/20 vision or better and experience less trouble seeing in dim lighting conditions after their surgery when the IntraLase method is used.

VISX STAR S4™ Excimer Laser

The TOP choice of surgeons all over the United States

The VISX excimer laser system for vision correction has been one of the most time tested LASIK lasers to ever be created. This brand of excimer laser has been helping patients see better since the approval of LASIK eye surgery. These laser systems have corrected the vision of more than a million Americans.

VISX STARThe VISX STAR S4 can be used in combination with VISX CustomVue™ to address the unique imperfections of each individual’s vision. CustomVue can provide our patients with the potential to experience better vision than is possible with glasses or contact lenses.

  • The STAR 4 variable beam technology allows the doctor to treat patients with different laser beam sizes and shapes, determined by each patient’s visual needs.
  • The VISX Exclusive SmartBeam™ technology adjusts beam size according to treatment, minimizing the amount of corneal tissue that needs to be removed.
  • With ActiveTrak™ 3D eye-tracking technology, the laser detects and compensates for small eye movements by guiding the laser beam to keep it centered precisely over the treatment area.
  • VISX’s exclusive Active Trak™ is the only system that allows the doctor to track eye movement in all three dimensions. Having the beam centered correctly on the eye at all times helps ensure precise results.
  • Unlike other lasers with eye-tracking technology, ActiveTrak requires no pupil dilation, leading to an even quicker recovery time.
  • VISX laser systems produce an extremely smooth surface on the cornea after the procedure. Smoother ablations, as they’re known, promote faster healing and result in better visual outcomes.
  • VISX laser systems achieve an optical zone that may result in reduced problems with night vision.
  • VISX laser systems require a shorter procedure time than many lasers, which enhances comfort and may reduce the risk of postoperative complications.

VISX CustomVue™

Wavefront Technology For More Precise LASIK eye surgery

CustomVueThe physicians and staff at Valley Eye Institute are dedicated to improving the quality of life of our patients through life-changing vision procedures, treatments and ongoing research. “Custom LASIK” or “Wavefront-Driven LASIK” is a recent advancement in laser vision technology that allows the surgeon to personalize the procedure and to potentially improve the already excellent results obtained with traditional laser vision correction. This procedure uses wavefront technology, which provides new diagnostic information previously unattainable.

“Fingerprint” of the EyeWavefront

Wavefront analysis works by measuring the distortion or irregularities of the eye, known as higher-order aberrations. When a ray of light first enters the eye, it passes through the cornea to the lens and vitreous, ultimately reaching the retina. As it bounces off the retina and returns back through the cornea, the wavefront analysis detects and documents these distortions, which are unique to each individual. Because each patient has a unique visual optical system, the wavefront data has been likened to a fingerprint.